How can I perform?
1. First come first serve. We take the first few performers through advanced online pay ONLY! $10.00 online / $15.00@ the door.

2. Mac’s Bucket List. Sign up for Mac’s bucket list at the door. If your name is pulled from the random bucket drawing…you’re on!

3. GUARANTEED performances may be obtained by having 5 or more guests from online registration at least 1 day before the show. Limited availablilty!! (use guaranteed performance on drop down menu) This option also gets you 2 minutes instead of 1 to perform.


How can I GUARANTEE my performance?
The only way to guarantee your performance is to choose GUARANTEED PERFORMER on the pay pal drop down menu or secure a table for 8!
(Guaranteed performance is only available by ONLINE REGISTRATION)


Is there a performance time limit?
ALL performances should be ONE MINUTE. We stop each person exactly at ONE MINUTE. There is no grace time. Guaranteed performers will be extended TWO MINUTES.


Can I share my minutes with other performers?
NO. All performances must be one minute, whether you have 1 or 100 people involved in your performance. If you have a guaranteed performance and are given 2 minutes, the same applies.


Will everyone perform?
Not everyone performs – but everyone gets a chance. Every registration form will go into the random performance drawing giving everyone an equal chance at performing for 1 minute. Each performers headshot and resume gets in the hands of the industry executives, whether you perform or not. Plus, the opportunity to meet and get advice from industry executives who HIRE talent daily is priceless.


Should I bring headshots and resumes. How many?
Usually 3-5 will work, however, we suggest multiple headshots and resumes (at least 10), stapled and ready to present, as industry guest often show up unexpected. It is best to be prepared in case industry executives that are not listed on the panel pop-up and witness your performance.


Can I register at the door?
YES! Registration begins at 7:30 and ends at 8:30pm. Upon your arrival, complete a registration form and place your form in the bucket. If you have registered online, you must still complete a registration form at the door and hand your form to the Mixer staff directly.


Is the show only for performers?
NO! MMMM is open to the public and you can enjoy the entertainment, food, drinks and music by DJ ROC. After the show, mix with industry guests and other people in the entertainment business for your personal networking purposes.


Is there an age limit?
21 and over only. Younger performers can register pending pre-approval by emailing If the performer is approved, all rules still apply and it is suggested that the performer choose GUARANTEED PERFORMER on the drop down menu to secure his/her performance.


Can I bring props?
Props are unnecessary!! And we highly suggest against them. They have hurt performances in the past and they turn off industry guests. ABSOLUTELY NO Weapon props …. your performance will be immediately discontinued!


What time is registration?
7:30pm and registration closes at 8:30pm. The show starts at 9pm.


How much is admission?
Admission for EVERYONE (performing or not) is $10online and $15 at the door. There is NO performance fee. The admission price includes the industry guest knowledge and networking party.


Can I give industry guests my work?
Although industry guests stay after the show to talk to performers personally and mingle during the networking party, we can not allow anyone to hand them items. Due to legal purposes, no demo tapes of projects, reels, literature, scripts, synopsis pitches or anything else that may be copy-written or consists of your ideas. ONLY MMMM staff can hand headshots, resumes and requested and/or pre-approved items to industry guests.

**NOTE **
ALL Performers must be aware and agree to being recorded for promotional purposes upon registering. Performers must be aware and agree that not everyone will perform, but all headshots will go to industry executives. ALL performers must complete a registration card at the door NO MATTER WHAT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCE!!!


1. Tables are available.
2. You can Guarantee your ADMISSION (NOT your performance)  by paying $10 online.
3. You “CAN” use the guaranteed payment option to guarantee your performance. All performers must complete a registration form at the door.

If you are experiencing trouble with paying through pay-pal on this site, email Unfortunately, you can only GUARANTEE your performances and purchase tables ONLINE.


This showcase is NOT intended as a promise of employment and DOES NOT serve as an audition for any projects or entertainment forums. This showcase intent is strictly and solely to serve as an educational, networking and performance platform ONLY! 21 and over unless pre-approved. Not everyone will perform, but everyone gets a chance.

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